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Artisan Soap Exfoliator Bag

Artisan Soap Exfoliator Bag

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We are absolutely in love with our new exfoliating soap saver bags. Natural fibers of cotton and sisal are tightly weaved together and include a drawstring and wooden bead to secure your soap. Want to know some of the amazing benefits of our exfoliating soap bags?

 Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation!! 

gentle and natural exfoliation from the beautiful crochet pattern of natural fibers will help to smooth your skin 

Zero Waste

natural fibers, no plastic

prolongs your soap life by allowing it to hang dry between uses - 100% compostable 

Ultimate Lather 

extra bubbles, extra fast...EVERY TIME! 

Hang on to your soap

Fits even our largest artisan bars!

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